Our military is an all-volunteer force. The men and women we see across this country actively choose to fight for us—as they defend the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day of our lives. But for many of them, the war does not stop once they leave the battlefields.

Some Warriors carry home the physical scars of battle through limb damage and brain injury. Some harbor the invisible wounds of war like major depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. And there are others who are simply weighed down by crippling financial burdens.

They are the Warriors that Miles of Giving wants to help.


The mission of Miles of Giving is to provide a service that grants needed financial assistance to wounded Warriors and their families. Through direct payments to a veteran, we cut out middlemen and bureaucratic entanglement that often delays services needed by badly wounded vets and their caregivers. We do not position ourselves to tell them how to spend their money.The Miles of Giving Foundation provides a critical service that directly grants financial assistance to enlisted Veterans and their families.


Each year Miles of Giving hosts a Celebrity Golf Tournament. The goal is to inspire celebrities and corporations to become sponsors and provide donations to Miles of Giving.  Other invitees include local civic leaders and wounded veterans.  At the conclusion of the tournament, selected veterans are recognized and presented with a monetary award.


The importance of education is paramount at Miles of Giving. As such, part of all funds we receive will be earmarked specifically to pay for tuition and books for children of wounded veterans who experience a financial shortfall when paying for their education.


I encourage everybody to make a donation by simply filling out your information on our webpage. For corporations or individuals who desire to make a larger donation please reach out to the Foundation Administrator or me.

We stand by the belief that no amount is too small. Your generous, tax-deductible donation to Miles of Giving enables us to help thousands of injured warriors returning home from the current conflicts by providing assistance to their families.


In my travels to over a dozen military bases in the Middle East with the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff USO Holiday Tour, I interacted with thousands of vets and witnessed the conditions they endure. Back home, as the co-host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show and headliner for my own comedy tour, I often engage with veterans. I hear their stories and sometimes share their tears. So, after long consultation with my family and close friends I created Miles of Giving as a 501c3, not for-profit-organization, in 2012.  It’s my way of giving back—but I cannot do it alone.


Combat amputees have a saying: I didn’t “lose” my leg; I “gave” my leg in the service of my country. We at Miles of Giving believe it is our duty to give back to them and let our Warriors know that not only are they appreciated, but most importantly, they are not forgotten.