//May 2017, Veteran Of The Month

May 2017, Veteran Of The Month

U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant, Sandra Knight-Hawkins, is truly an American Hero!

Sandra joined the military at age 18 and immediately embraced the Air Force Core Values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do.  Sandra has served our country for more than twenty years; on Active Duty, as a Reservist and a Federal Civil Servant.  During Sandra’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2015, she suffered a stroke, which required her medical evacuation back stateside to Walter Reed Medical Center.  Alone and afraid, Sandra’s medical ordeal was only beginning. While at Walter Reed, doctors discovered a narrowing artery in Sandra’s brain, which needed to be repaired.  Sandra’s recovery has been slow and challenging, not only because of her physical limitation, but her financial hardship.  During the middle of her recovery, she was removed from her active duty orders, essentially leaving her homeless.  “I am homeless, my credit has suffered, I’ve lost my government job and I cannot pay my bills because I have not received a paycheck since January 19, 2016”.

Sandra is in dire-straits and Miles of Giving is just one of the many organizations she’s reached out to for help. She still suffers from residuals from the stroke and brain surgery.  Sandra also suffers from PTSD, Major Depression and other mental disorders, which has created a feeling of hopelessness and despair.  “I am begging for any organization to help me, help me put my life back together. I want to be grounded, I want to move on, but I’m stuck in a tornado of destruction.  I am mentally and physically exhausted.”

Sandra, you are an amazing warrior, and Miles of Giving is honored to be able to help a fellow Wingman!

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